Durga Puja in Kolkata A Festival you Can't Miss

swapner baganDurgotsav is the festival when goddess Durga is worshipped. But for people in Kolkata, this is an extravaganza, it's  much more than just a festival; it means family reunion, new dresses adda, bhog, food, an exhibition of finest craftsman, which can be appreciated and cherished by pandal hopping.

There are more than 2000 sarbojonin pujas organized in Kolkata and around 500 big (renown) sarbojonin organizers.

It takes months of planning, hard work from the artisan and designer to create something exclusive and beautiful. Each pandal create their mandap based on a theme, trying to convey some social messages through their mandap like to avoid plastic, unity among people, environmental issues

Suruchi Sangha Durga Puja
Badamtala Ashar Sangha
The focus is not only given on the mandaps/pandals (Marquee) but also on the idol of the mother goddess which is skillfully crafted by the artisans.

Each organizer creates their idol based on their theme. 

After months of hard work, the pandal is inaugurated by some celebrities and is then opened to the public on the day of Chaturthi(4th day). However, nowadays renowned pandals get inaugurated on the day of Trivia(3rd day).

Mudiali Club

With the inauguration, the crowds started pouring in the pandals. The number increases with increase in the days. As they say, crowd is directly proportional to the days

One can not only find queue in pandal but also at restaurants and this queue increases every day till Dashami.

The menu of the restaurants gets shortened during this festive period of 7 days. Dishes that take more time to prepare or unpopular dishes are generally removed from the menu. So if any one is planning for lunch or dinner during the festival, it's better to reserve(may not be available at all restaurant during this period) your seat earlier or prepare to wait for long hours. I being an impatient guy always end up eating fast food like sandwich, burger, momos.

Hindustan Park
Now coming to the transport; if you are planning to go around the city to witness some pandal during Puja there are many public transports available in the city buses, trains, metros, taxis(yellow taxi, AC taxis, Ola, Uber etc…) and most of the transport agency (travel agency) who rent their cab along with their driver.

The prices of Ola and Uber really fluctuates and most of the time its quite high. we ended up paying 900 which was supposed to be Rs 350 normally. I don't know much about the Ola rental pricing during Puja but one of my friends did book an Ola and quite intelligently he did it at around 3:00 am for 6 hrs I think for which he didn't miss the lighting but he was fortunate enough to miss the crowd. 

Deshapriya Park Durga Puja (Chaturthi Afternoon)
With the sound of Dhakis drum, the Puja formally starts from Sasthi (Bodhon).Most people choose to go out from Saptami evening as most of the office get shut on Saptami. So more crowd can be expected in pandals and metro also switch their service hours; instead of operating in morning hours they start from 2:00 pm and continue their service till 4:00 AM.

Due to a heavy crowd, it's also very difficult to find parking so one can expect to walk a long distance to see a pandal. Many roads get blocked. Last year i.e. 2017 Deshapriya Park did that amazing Durga idol in 2015 and a very good marketing campaign for which the whole crowd was rushing there so as a result Rash Behari Avenue was choked. 

Mahastami(8th day) means Anjali and Bhog.(mostly khichuri) and more pandal hopping. One can see wonderful Dahanuchi dance performed on Dhak's tune by the people at puja pandals.
The crowd numbers keep on increasing till Nabami (Mahanabami).

New Alipore Durga Puja *Children's Park
One of the few things that people hate during Puja is the rain. Well as you can see in the photo that it's raining. But still, you can find the pandals crowded.

Earlier few organizer used to give awards to the pandals now almost every pandal win some awards and I guess they all deserve it for their hard work and dedication.

64 Pally
And with sweet full in her mouth, the mother goddess and her family bid us goodbye and we bid her goodbye with a wait for 1 year.So with around 75 days left Bengalis have once again started getting excited about Puja.

I have excluded Durga Puja rituals as I don't have much sound knowledge on it. So to summarize about Durga Puja in Kolkata I would say its every thing of Bengal; the rituals, the fun, the art, the eating. etc.

Despite just mentioning about Kolkata I would say not only all of Bengal but every Bengalis around the world celebrate with lots of enthusiasm be its India or Outside India.

Few days of fun and Bengalis eagerly wait for this festival since the year's beginning. I don't know much about other festivals but Kolkata during Durga Puja has to be best.

List and Routes of Some Top Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata

Being a public transport user I would like to mention the Pujas along with the public route.

Let's start with Extreme South

Route 1: The Extreme South

Kendua Shanti Sangha
  • Naba Durga
  • Baishnabghata Patuli Upanagari
  • Baishnabghata Patuli Upanagri Sporting
  • Kendua Shanti Sangha
  • Jatra Suru Sangha
  • 4 No Milani
  • Naktala Samilani
  • Naktala Udayan Sangha
  • Raipur Club
If you get down at Kavi Nazrul Metro (Briji area) then he can follow the above route, which covers a total of around 4km. You can take rickshaw after Naba Durga (Garia Mitali Sangha) and move to Baishnabghata Patuli.

After Baishnabhghata Patuli Upanagri, turn your route away from EM Bypass and move towards Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Road. On your way to Subodh Mallick road you can get to Baishnabghata Patuli Upanagri Sporting for which you have to take the right road from Dakshini/ Upanagri bus stop.

After seeing the Puja return back to main road then keep walking towards Raja Subodh Mallick roadd, after few minutes of walk you will reach Kendua Shanti Sangha, then keep walking towareds the crossing you will find Jatra Suru Sangha.

Then you can take a cycle rickshaw and reach directly to Naktala Udayan Sangha near it, you can also find Naktala Samilani or Raipur Club. There are options to take autos and buses also, for that you have to walk to Garia More and take bus to reach Naktala Puja Pandal. The only thing that I have heard is some Puja Pandal on this routes are inconsistent, I mean some years they create great pandal and some year they don't. Then you can take a metro from Masterda Surya Sen which is just 1 km away from the pandal.

Route: Kavi Nazrul >> Masterda Surya Sen

Route 2 The Southern One

Santoshpur Lake Pally
  • Santoshpur Trikon Park
  • Santoshpur Avenue
  • Santoshpore Lake Pally
  • Selimpur Palli
  • Jodhpur Park
  • 95 Pally
  • Pally Mangal
  • Babubagan Club

It is one of the most convenient route, specially if you are using a public transport. Get down at Jadavpur Station walk to Santoshpur Trikon Park which is just 500m away from the station. 

Then in the same locality, you will find the other two pujas Santoshpur Avenue and Santoshpore Lake Pally. After seeing these Pujas you can get with plan A or B

Now you can head back to Jadavpur station or take a cycle rickshaw, Jadavpur station is around 1.3 km from Lake Pally. Then get down at Dhakuria Station. Babubagan is the nearest pandal from Dhakuria station. Then walk to Selimpur Palli.

After seeing these two cross the road and walk to Jodhpur Park. Then you can go to Pally Mangal and walk to 95 Palli. then you can head back to Dhakuria station or Lake Garden (nearest). If you choose to return via Lake Garden you can also visit Lake Garden's People Association. This route covers roughly about 6.5 km.


After seeing the three pujas of Santoshpur, take an auto and get down at Sulekha More. There you can see Shyamapally Shyama Sangha. From there you can get bus or auto to reach Jadavput Thana. Then turn right and visit Pally Mangal, then walk to Jodhpur Park and 95 Pally. After seeing these Pujas, head towards Dhakuria to see Selimpur Pally, Babubagan.

Route: Jadavpur Station >> Lake Garden/Dhakuria

Route 3 The Popular One

Tridhara Samilani
  • Ballygunge Purbapally
  • Ekdalia Evergreen
  • Falguni Sangha
  • Singhi Park
  • Hindustan Club
  • Hindustan Park
  • Triangular Park
  • Samaj Sebi
  • Ballygunge Cultural Association
  • Tridhara Samilani
  • Deshapriya Park
  • 64 Pally
  • Badamtala Ashar Sangha
  • 66 Pally

This is perhaps the best Puja route to visit by using train/metro. Get down at Ballygunge station and wal to Kalighat Metro. 

Get down at Ballygunge station and walk towards Gariahat at the end of the flyover take the Ekdalia Road to reach Ekdalia Evergreen Puja. It's a 10 min walk from the station. 

After seeing Ekdalia. Cross the road to reach Singhi Park. Then take then walk towards Rash Behari, On your right you will see Hindusthan Road take that road to reach Hindustan Club. 

Then cross Rash Behari Ave. and take the first road to Hindustan Park. Then walk to Samaj Sebi and taking the Lake view road walk back towards Rash Behari to reach Ballygunge Cultural. Cross Rash Behari to reach Tridhara and near Tridhara is Deshapriya Park. From Deshapriya Park you can walk to 64 Pally, by taking Bipin Pal Road, but its a bit off route.

Then you can walk to Kalighat metro or take bus or auto rickshaw. After reaching Kalighat metro if you continue to walk on Rash Behari Avenue he or she will find Sadanada Road Crossing on entering the road and be taking the first left one can reach Badamtala Ashar Sangha and on the same road, one can find 66 Palli and walking further will take you to Nepal Bhattacharya Street. 

There is also a narrow lane that takes you to the market, you can see a stair to fly over you can get on the fly over and walk for few minutes to reach Chetla Agrani Club

After seeing Chetla, you can take auto to get back to Kalighat metro

This is one of the busy routes you can find many buses and Kalighat metro is also less than 1km from 66 Palli.

Bit Offroute:

  • Bosepukur Sitala Mandir
  • Bosepukur Talbagan
  • Rajdanga Nabodaya Sangha.
In order to see this puja, you can take Bus going towards Ruby from Ballygunge station. Get down at Bosepukur Talbagan, see both the Pujas then take auto rickshaw or bus from Bosepukur Sitara mandir and get down at Rajdanga Nabapally Bus stop, take the narrow lanes on the left hand side, after a few minutes walk you will reach Rajdanaga Nabodaya Sangha. 

Route: Ballygunge>>Kalighat Metro

Route 4 Back to North

Coming to the North side now 
  • Belgachia Sadharan
  • Tala Prattay
  • Tala Barowari
  • Tala Palli
  • Bagbazar Sarbojonin
  • Jagat Mukherjee Park
  • Kumurtuli Sarbojonin
  • Kumurtuli Park
  • Hatkhola Gosain Para
  • Shobhabazar Sarbojonin
  • Shobhabazar (Sovabazar) Beniatola
  • B K Pal Park
  • Ahiritola Yubak Brinda 
  • Ahiritola Durgotsab
  • Bagbazar Sarbojonin
In order to reach Belgachia Sadharan Durgotsav, you can get down at Belgachia Metro, and walk towards Tala Park.The first puja in that park is Belgachia Sadharan, then you can go to the other end of the park to reach Tala Park Prattay, which has become a popular puja in last few years. After Tala Park Prattay, head towards Tala bridge which is 12 to 15 mins walk. After getting over the Tala bridge, walk towards Shyambazar crossing. At the end of the bridge you will see some big pandas entrance on left and a pandal on right. The one in the right is Tala Pally and on left is Tala Barowari. After seeing this two Pandals, take Auto( bus was also, available before Tala Bridge was marked as dangerous)(Bit off Route: Tala Barowari and Tala Pally are two good Pujas. to reach there you have to get down at R.G Kar Bus stop. The two Pujas are on two sides of the bridge. It's a  min walk to reach Bagbazaar Bata. You can take a bus if you like.)

To reach Bagbazar Sarbojonin, the nearest metro is Shyambazar which is just a 15min walk. There are many buses for Bagbazar also. After seeing Bagbazaar walk towards Girish avenue to reach Jagat  Mukherjee Park After seeing Jagat Mukherjee Park you can take narrow lanes to reach Rabindra Sarani or head towards Madanmohan Tala Street and take right to reach Rabindra Sarani. On the intersection turn right and walk for few minutes to reach Kumartuli Sarbojonin.

In case you want to skip Jagat Mukherjee park, continue your walk on Rabindra Sarani on the right side you can see the entrance for Kumurtuli Sarbojonin. It's around 600m away from Bagbazaar Sarbojonin. 

Next destination is Kumurtuli Park but on your way try to walk through Kumurtuli Street to get a glimpse of famous Kumurtuli idol makers busy in their creative work for the Laxmi and Kali Puja.

Kumurtuli Park is just 5 mins from Kumurtuli Sarbojonin. It's on Abhay Mitra street. If you walk through the lanes after Kumurtuli Sarbojonin then just follow the crowd you will reach there. or if you are walking on Rabindra Sadan stay to your right.(Walking away from Bagbazaar). You can continue on Rabindra Sarani and turn right on Sova Bazaar street to reach Sova Bazaar Sarbojonin. or just follow the crowd.

Return to Rabindra Sarani and continue your walk till BK Pal Avenue crossing then turn right to reach Shobhabazar Beniatola. Then to the opposite you will find Ahiritola Yuvak Brinda. Continue your walk on BK Pal avenue for 5mins (away from the crossing) you will reach Ahiritola Durgotsab. Just to the opposite of Ahiritola on BK Paul avenue is 2 er Pally, it’s around 5 mins walk from Ahiritola Durgotsab.

Take an auto or Bus and head to Sova Bazaar Metro. 
  • Sova Bazar Raj Bari
  • Hatibagan Sarojonin.
  • Nalin Sarkar Street Sarbojonin Durgotsab
  • Shyambazar Street Nabin Sangha
  • Sikdar Bagan Durgotsav
From Shobabazaar metro you can continue further on this route. If you are a fan of heritage and history I would suggest you, to visit Sova Bazar Rajbari. Then continue your walk on Raja Nabakrishna Street to reach Shri Aurobindo Street. Cross the intersection of Bidhan Sarani and Shri Aurobindo Sarana and continue your walk on Shri Aurobindo Sarani after crossing you will find Hatibagan Sarojonin. It's around a 10mins walk in total or 600m. 

Then skip Hatibagan Nabin Pally and move towards APC crossing. Cross the road and walk back to reach Nalin Sarkar Street. On your way out from the pandal, you may return to Shri Aurobindo Sarani or move to Nalin Sarkar Street. 

If you have headed back to Aurobindo Sarani then turn left and continue walking on Aurobindo Sarani you will reach Sikdar Bagan street. Turn left to Sikadar Bagan street after 2 mins walk you will reach Hatibagan Nabin Pally. After Hatibagan pally, turn left on Ganendra Mitra lane. and continue till you reach near Sikdar Bagan Durgotsav.

From Sikdar Bagan Durgotsav walk for 8mins to reach Shyam Bazaar metro.

Route: Shyambazaar>>Shyam Bazaar


Route 5: Bit towards East

  • Bakul bagan
  • Laketown Vivekananda Park
  • Laketown Netaji Sporting Club
  • Laketown Adhibasi Brinda
  • Laketown Nutan Palli Pradeep Sangha
  • Sreebhumi
  • Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha
  • Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra
  • Dum Dum Park Yubak Brinda
  • Dum Dum Tarun Dal
Bakul Bagan
Bakul Bagan Puja mandap is around 1.3km from Dumdum you can hire a toto(electric rickshaw) or cycle rickshaw. Not sure whether share auto runs on this route. Another option is to take a bus from Belgachia Metro get down at Basak Bagan and walk for 5 mins on Basak Bagan road.

After Bakulbagan, return back to Jessore Road and walk towards Nagerbazaar. Laketown Netaji Sporting Club. is little of the route. To reach there continue walking on Jessore road and take the second lane and then first left.

After LakeTown Netaji Sporting Club.return to Jessore road and cross the road walking for 7-8 min will get you to Laketown Vivekananda Park. take right to Lake town road. Continue your walk on Laketown road to reach Laketown Adhibasi Brinda.

To reach Sreebhumi you can take a cycle rickshaw or walk for 12mins to reach there. After Sreebhumi, walk towards VIP road take a bus to Dumdum Park. After getting down on Dumdum Park, continue to walk, take the first bridge on right. After a few minute walk, you will reach Dumdum Park Yuvak Brinda. After seeing Dumdum Yubak Brinda take a rickshaw to reach Dumdum Park Bharat Chakra and Dumdum Park Tarun Sangha. It is 12 mins walk from  Dumdum Park Yuvak Brinda. Then you can head back to Dumdum Tarun Dal which is 7 mins walk from Bharat Chakra. It is near Shyam Nagar road and chawal patty road crossing.

From Shyamnagar road you can get to Nagerbazaar Jessore road which is well connected with most parts of the city by an auto rickshaw or cycle rickshaw or head to VIP Road.

Route: DumDum/Begachia >> Nagerbazaar

Route 6 Back To South

  • Bhawanipore 75 Palli
  • Bhawanipor Agradut Sangha
  • Rupchand Lane
  • Bakul Bagan Sarbojonin
  • Abasar Sarbojonin
  • Goal Math
  • Maddox Square

Bhawanipore 75 pally
This is a metro route. Get down at Netaji Bhawan, take the exit opposite to Jadubabu Bazar. Head to Debendra Ghosh road which starts at the Metro's exit. Walk for a minute to reach Bhawanipore 75 pally. walk for few minutes on the same road to reach Bhawanipore Agradut Sangha. From there walk back to Ashutosh Mukherjee Road.

After crossing the road you can cross the road and continue on Padmapukur road to reach Padmapukur Durga Puja. But I would suggest you, to take a taxi or bus or walk for 10 mins to reach Bhawanipore thana/ Rupchand Lane. After Rupchand Lane, cross the street and walk towards Jatin Das Park take the Beltala Road on your left and for few minutes to reach Bakul Bagan Sarbojonin. Then walk take the nearest left turn (front or back) after walking for few minutes the 1st lane you encounter you can see Abasar Sarbojonin. Then take walk straight on Rakhal Mukherjee road (away from Ashutosh Mukherjee Road) to reach Goal Math Puja.

After Bakul Bagan, you can walk left on Townshead road and take the first right and walk for few minutes to reach Sarat Bose Road. If you continue straight after crossing Sarat Bose Road you can reach Maddox Square.

You can take a bus from Sarat Bus road or take a taxi to head back to nearest metro which is Jatin Das Park. which is just 1.5km away from Maddox Square.
Bit off the route: 64 Pally

Route: Netaji Bhawan>> Jatin Das Park

Route 7 South towards West

  • Mudiali Club
  • Lake Youth Corner
  • Shibmandir
  • Suruchi Sangha
  • Behala 29 Palli
  • Behala club
  • Debdaru Fatak
  • Behala Nutan Sangha
  • Behala Nutan Dal 
  • Behala Friends
  • Barisha Club
Barish Club
Get down at Mudiali Stop by bus, taxi, or walk for 5 minutes from Rabindra Sadan metro. Mudiali Durga Puja and Shibmandir Durga Puja are just 5 minutes apart. On your way, you can find Lake Youth Corner.

Then return to Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, take a bus or taxi or walk for 10 minutes to reach Tollygunge Phari, cross the road, you can get a share auto to New Alipore and get down at Suruchi Sangha, it can take up to 15mins.

Take an auto to reach Ajanta cinema, on James Long and SN Roy road intersection you can find Behala 29 Palli. Then get back to the main road (Diamond harbour road). You can take a bus, auto or walk to Behala Police station. Take the road on right from the crossing (Banmali Naskar Road) walk for 5 mins to reach Behala club. Then head back to Diamond Harbour road.Walk for 5 mins towards Joka (Diamond harbour) and right you will come across a lane for Debdaru Fatak Puja. Cross the road and walk straight, on your way you can find 3 pujas Behala Nutan Sangha, Behala Nutan Dal, Behala Friends.

Now you have a choice you can head back or take a taxi or rickshaw to Barisha Club which is 2.5km away. From there you can head back to Tollygunge metro by a share auto.

Other Popular Puja
  • Chetla Agrani.: To get here you can get auto or bus from Suruchi.

Route: Rabindra Sarobar/Mudiali >> Tollygunge Metro

Route 8 Bit of North and East

This route is on a way from North Kolkata to East. Most of the North Kolkata buses use this route to 
Swapner Bagan
  • Telengabagan
  • Karbagan
  • Ultadanga Pallyshree
  • Kabiraj Bagan
  • Sangrami
  • Mitali (Kankurgachi)
  • Swapner Bagan
  • Labony
  • FD Block
  • AK Block
  • AJ Block
  • BJ Block
  • Chaltabagan
  • Ram Mohan Smriti Sangha

There are many ways to reach Telengabagan, you can take share auto/bus from Shobhabazar Metro or Bus from Shyambazar Metro. Telengabagan Puja Pandal will be on left side(if you are going towards Ultadanga/Bidhan Nagar Road) It is just 1 min away from the Bidhan Nagar road. After exiting from Telengabagan move back to Bhidhan Nagar Road and walk towards Shyambazar/Shobabazar). the first lane(Ariff Road/Much Bazar Market) you will see on your right will take you to Ultadanga Pallysree which is 5 mins walk from the main road. On your way, you will find Karbagan.

After Ultadanga Pallysree, return to the main road and cross it. After crossing the road walk towards Shobhabazar/Shyam Bazar and take the first left, walk for 5-7 min(stay on the right) on that road to reach Kabirajbagan.

Labony Estate Puja
After Kabiraj Bagan, take a bus or auto to Bidhan Nagar Road/Ultadanga. After getting down walk towards VIP Road and CIT Road intersection. Take the foot over bridge to cross the road.Stay on the left after getting down walk towards VIP Road and take the first right(before the bridge) walk for few walk for 3 mins to reach Ultadanga Sangrami.

After you are done seeing Ultadanga Snagrami return back to the intersection and walk away from Bidhan Nagar station/Vip road towards Kankurgachi. You can get a bus for Kankurgachi from the crossing or walk a little and cross Bagmari Road and then take a bus. You can also get a taxi. It will take 7 to 10 mins to reach Kankurgachi(Maniktala Road and CIT Road intersection).

Get down at the intersection and stay on left side(the right-hand side you got down) and from the crossing turn left to Maniktala main road. On walking for 5 to 7 mins on your left you can find Mitali Kankurgachi. After Mitali Kankurgachi, keep walking away from CIT road to reach Swapner Bagan which will fall on the right-hand side.

After this two Pujas you can head back to Kankurgachi crossing from here you can have two options

  1. Head to Salt Lake
  2. Head to Girish Park Metro
First Option
For the first option, take a share auto to Labony. After Labony puja, get back to the island where you got down and walk away from EM Bypass on 4th Avenue. Walk for 10 mins to reach FD Block. After FD Block you can get share auto or bus to Karunamoyee.

From Karunamoyee take cycle rickshaw(not sure about auto route) to AK Block. After AK Block return to the crossing on 1st Avenue from the 7th cross road. After reaching back to 1st Avenue turn right and continue your walk for 5 mins on your right you will get AJ Block and left BJ Block Puja.

After seeing both you can head back to Karunamoyee by cycle rickshaw or you can get share auto for Ultadanga.

Second Option
Take the share auto to Girish Park and get down at Chalta Bagan which you will find on the right side on Amherst Street and walk for few minutes on Amherst street after Chaltabagan Puja on your left you can find Ram Mohan Smriti Sangha. To get back you can take an auto rickshaw from where you got down to Girish Park.

Other Puja

  • Beliaghata 33 Palli
  • Belighata Nabamilan
Route: Shobha Bazaar/Shyam Bazaar>>Girih Park Metro

Route 9

This route has not been explored by me yet but is a popular one I couldn't omit it.
  • Putiari Club
  • Pally Unnayan Samity Paschim Putiary
  • Haridevpur Adarsha Samity
  • Haridevpur Vivekananda Sporting Club
  • Judge Bagan Recreation Club
  • Naskarpara Pally Unnayan Samity - Haridevpur
  • Ajeya Sanghati
  • Haridevpur Vivekananda Park Athletic Club
  • Haridevpur 41 Pally
The best thing about this route is that the Pujas location are very close to each other. To reach here get down at Netaji Metro (Kudghat). Putiari Club is a 10min walk from the metro on Banerjee Para road. Pally Unnayan Samiti is 3 mins walk from Putiari Club on Banerjee Para Road.

From the Pally Unnayan Samiti, keep walking on Banerjee Para Road towards Mahatma Gandhi road(away from Kudghat station) and take the first lane on the right.(Putiary Naskhar Para Road) and keep walking for 5mins(stay to the left) After reaching MG Road, turn left and walk for a minute and cross the road to reach Haridevpur Vivekananda Sporting Club.  Haridevpur Adarsha Samity is 5 mins walk from Vivekananda Sporting Club. Take the lane from the Vivekananda Sporting Club bus stop, walk for few minutes(stay on left) and take the first lane on left to reach there.

After Haridevpur Adarsha Samity, return back to MG Road cross the road and start walking towards the left side. After few minutes you will reach Judge Bagan Recreation Club. Continue walking in the same direction after few minutes of walk you can see Ajeya Sanghati on left and if you take the right lane opposite to Ajeya Sanghati, you will reach Naskarpara Pally Unnayan Samity.

For Ajeya Sanghati, return back to the main road and cross the road. Near Ajeya Sanghati you can also find Haridevpur Vivekananda Park Athletic Club. Continue walking on the main road in the same direction, within mins you will reach  41 Pally.Cross the road to get there.

To return back you can walk back to Netaji metro which is a 15 mins walk or you can get many buses from Phari.

Route: Netaji Metro>>Netaji Metro/ Hardevpur Phari

Route 10 For lighting effect

This route is particularly famous for its lighting and large Pandals/ Marquee.
  • MD Ali Park
  • College Square Sarbojonin
  • Adhibasibrinda Kanai Dhar Lane
  • Sealdah Railway Athletic Club

To follow this route get down at MG Road station/MD Ali Park Bus stop. From MG Road station walk for 5 mins towards Esplanade to reach MD Ali Park.
Adibasi Brinda Kanai Dhar Lane

From MD Ali Park exit start walking to the right and then take the first lane on left(Pyari Sarkar St) or just follow the crowd to reach College Square. You can easily get to know the right road seeing the food stalls on the road.

From College Square turn right on Bankim Chatterjee Street to reach Surya Sen Street, turn left on Surya Sen Street and walk for 2 mins. On your right, you will find Adhibasibrinda Kanai Dhar Lane.

Return back to Surya Sen Street and walk towards the right for 12-15 mins (1km) to reach APC Road/Sealdah Station. Cross APC road to reach Kaiser Street(first lane after crossing on way towards Sealdah) Take Kaiser street for Sealdah Athletic.

You can get many buses and trains from Sealdah station.

Other Popular Puja
  • Santosh Mitra Square

This route can help you to plan your route this Puja, particularly if you are interested in public transports. Not only these Pujas but on this route, you can come across many other Puja Pandals

Have I missed any good Durga Puja?? of course, I have. I have missed many other popular pujas . You can find many beautiful Puja Pandal in almost every locality.

A Glimpse of 2019 Durga Puja